Used Cars 101: What to Ask when Buying from Used Car Dealers in Bend, OR

If you’re looking for a ride cheaper than a standard car, asking used car dealers in Bend, OR is a good option. They offer cars at cheaper prices, and they offer a deal that is much worth it. But you also need to careful: how sure are you about the quality of the car?

Thankfully, you don’t have to go along blindly in this decision. With proper judgement and asking the right questions, your used car purchase will become a success.

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Pointers when Buying a Used Car

Make sure you come to the dealer prepared. To help you in buying your car, here are the questions you should be asking:

  • Car pricing

You should research for the possible price of the car. Make use of a pricing guide to find out if media auto experts agree on the pricing of a car model. For example, a 2015 Ford Fiesta SE Hatchback usually costs not more than $10,000 nowadays. This way, you can be prepared when talking to a dealer about the price.

  • The time you could test drive the vehicle

Apart from the price, you have to find out if the car is in good shape. To do so, conduct a test drive. If the dealer disagrees, bail out on them. You may set yourself up for trouble if you don’t get to test it.

  • Where the vehicle came from

Used cars could come from many sources, such as trade-ins, auctions, fleets, and other dealers. Ask where the car came from so you would get a clear history about it.  Other important things you could consider asking are:

  • If the dealership already made repairs on the car
  • If work has been done recently on it
  • If it had been involved in an accident

Once you get the answers to these questions, you would now have a full idea on what to spend to maintain it.

  • Discount if you buy used vehicle using cash

Used dealers make money off of every sale, but most dealers prefer a cash purchase. The dealer usually offers a discounted price in that case. Cars that have been around for over two decades, such as a 2004 Chevrolet Tahoe, are eligible for large discounts. Don’t forget to inquire what the discounted price will be.

  • The warranty coverage

A common mistake of people is just driving away without knowing how much the car’s warranty covers. This could lead to hassles soon after. Warranty will differ depending on the manufacturer, model, and car year. If you fully understand the warranty, you will be able to save on cash in the future.


  • Parts and accessories included in the used vehicle

If you have a final price, inquire with the dealer if they will include other accessories. These accessories range from new tires, rims, all-season floor mats, or cargo bay lining. Such accessories sweeten the pot for you and get you on a good head start for your purchase.

Achieve Success in Used Car Buying!

Purchases from used car dealers in Bend, OR can help you save money from usual purchases. However, to get the best deal out of your purchase, make sure to ask the right questions. When you’re fully aware of what to ask, you will have less regrets on your investment. This will ensure your satisfaction with a great vehicle for a low price. Happy car hunting!

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