Simple Tips on Cleaning Your Car to Keep It Looking New and Appealing

You may think that cleaning your car is such a chore-and it is! As much as you would rather bring it to the carwash and get it cleaned there, it is not always possible. You may not have the time to do it, or it’s simply not in your budget. Don’t hesitate to take care of it yourself. After all, you’re the one who will benefit the most from a clean car. Here are some tips to help you become more strategic in your cleaning methods and finish this essential chore faster.

  • Wipe and Vacuum

porscheThe first thing you have to do is to wipe surfaces, such as the dashboard, vents, cup holders, insides of the car doors, and windows (including the frames). A cleaning cloth should suffice, but a brush could also be used to further clean out the hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. The slats in the aircon vents, for example, and the bottom of the compartments could use some help from these cleaning tools.

Only after you have wiped these surfaces clean should you take out the vacuum. The rationale is simple: if you vacuum the upholstery first and then wipe later, the dust, dirt, and other small particles you wipe off would simply take over the interior of the car again. Get everything cleaned first and then finish off with the vacuum cleaner.

  • Change the Carpet

Aside from the seats, you should also vacuum the carpet. However, there are some instances wherein cleaning is no longer enough and you have to replace it. Coffee stains, scattered chips, pet hair, spilled juices and more can ruin your car carpeting. Save yourself from the burden of scrubbing it away, and just replace it with a new one. It should also help freshen up the smell of your car.

  • Keep It Organized

Cleaning is just one aspect of car maintenance; keeping it organized is another. Cars tend to become an extension of your home, so they say. You get comfortable in it, spend hours in it per day. You bring your valuables in it, as well as items that will keep you comfortable on the road. Comfortable in this case, however, doesn’t have to mean sloppy. There are car organizers available so you can stow your items neatly, avoiding clutter. It makes for an easier reach when you need them, and it keeps your car interior looking relaxed.

Follow these tricks to always keep your car looking new and clean!

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