Rise in Sales: Pickup Trucks

Brand New Pick up Truck
Pickup trucks are a classic favorite in American culture. Connoting masculinity, strength, and performance, they are great vehicles that take people to great places and adventures. It is no wonder that recent automotive news predicts the increase of Ford’s sales of pickup trucks this year and possibly hit the 1 million mark.

The automotive giant is focusing more on SUVs and pickup trucks. Due to sales, this is a smart choice for the company. Sedan lovers might not exactly like the news, but it might be years before the sedan makes it popular comeback.

Sales History

2004 was the last time that Ford hit an all-time record for its F-Series pickup truck. That’s roughly 14 years way back! They did not hit the 1 million mark but sold an impressive 939.5k units of their most popular model. This only shows how much pickup trucks are so loved by automotive consumers and enthusiasts.

Comparing the sales figures right now, 2018 is selling the models in a quicker rate than that of 2004. If the speedy sales continue for the rest of the year, Ford will hit a mark of 973k. And if the rate of sales even increase, it is not improbable that sales will hit the 1 million mark. This will be a milestone and relevant piece of history for Ford.

If the 1 million mark does not occur in 2018, experts say that it will become more definite two years from now. This means that there simply is increased demand for pickup trucks and the supply is growing too.

Expectations of Consumers

If you’ve read recent automotive news and are planning to buy a new vehicle, how are these figures and numbers supposed to make you feel? Surely, Ford is a part of American pride and rising sales means greatness, but won’t it also affect the relative price of the vehicles?

In looking forward to hitting more sales and in focusing on larger vehicles, automotive companies have a goal of making these models accessible to more people. Sedans will always have their place on the high ways, although a lot of consumers comment that the experience of driving and owning SUV’s has its advantages. The capacity of the SUV’s also has a bearing on the volume of traffic on the streets in terms of its ability to carry more passengers.

It will be best to wait and see how automotive companies will further strategize their sales in the coming months or years. In the meantime, let’s all keep a sharp eye on automotive news because it’s an exciting period for SUVs and pickups.

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