E-jeepney and other E-Vehicles Signal the Future of Driving

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Electric cars, also known as EVs or plug-in electric vehicles, have gained a strong foothold in the automotive industry. From the phenomenal success of the Prius to the rising movement of e-jeepney, electric cars hold a promising future for today’s congested roads and the alarming rates of air pollution around the world.

Practical, fun, and connected, these amazing benefits of electric vehicles just might inspire you to make the switch.

Benefits of Electric Vehicles for Drivers

Electric vehicles used to be a fad during the rise of eco-consciousness trends, but it’s now proven to be a viable alternative to traditional vehicles. Here are some incredible benefits of EVs:

  • Responsive and Athletic

Gone are the days of sluggish, bland electric vehicles – today’s versions are giving their gas-guzzling counterparts a run for their money. Electric motors register quick reaction times, giving EVs excellent torque and a high level of responsiveness.

  • An EV for Every Driver

Most automakers have now caught up to the EV trend, and shoppers will find a wide range of models to suit every need. There’s the trusty Kia E-Niro and the Hyundai Ioniq for drivers who want a daily commuter. Those looking for luxury will find their match in the Jaguar i-Pace and the BMW i3. If you want the absolute cutting-edge when it comes to electric vehicles, the Tesla Model S is worth a second look. From practical to loaded, you’re bound to find an electric car that speaks to your lifestyle.

  • Charge Anywhere

There are more EV charging stations now than ever, so you don’t have to worry about running out of juice while traveling. If you’re at home, you can simply plug and forget like you would do with a smartphone – hook up your car when you get home and it’ll be fully-charged and ready to go the moment you wake up.

If your battery starts running low while you’re driving, you’ll find a lot of gas stations also offering charging stations for electric vehicles. You can also take a spare battery with you so you’re ready for any emergency.

  • Cheaper Running Costs

Compared to gas vehicles, electric vehicles are typically more cost-effective. For instance, buying petrol is three times more expensive than the cost of fully charging an EV. In addition, electric vehicles are more affordable to maintain as well – conventional diesel cars have a lot more moving parts that can break down through the years.


In contrast, electric vehicles often require very little servicing. There’s no expensive fuel injection systems, exhaust systems, radiators, starter motors, and many other costly parts that you need to maintain when you drive an EV.

Good News for the Environment

Today’s environmental crisis have prompted the world’s superpowers to take active steps toward reducing the carbon footprint and carbon emissions around the globe. Electric cars are a crucial part of this effort – so much so that owners of electric cars receive tax cuts and financial assistance from governments like the Netherlands.

More environmentally-friendly advantages of electric cars are:

  • Encourages diversity of fuel choices such as solar energy
  • Reduces emissions and smog
  • Lowers ecological damage that contribute to climate change
  • Improves public health

Electric cars hit two birds with one stone – providing a dynamic driving experience while contributing to a healthier environment. Interested in an electric vehicle of your own? Check with your local dealer and make your way to gas-free driving today!

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