Pickup Truck Driving Is Absolute Heaven with the New 2019 RAM 1500 from a RAM 1500 Dealership in El Paso, TX

2019 ram 1500

The pickup truck, as we know it, just keeps getting stylishly reinvented with the New 2019 RAM 1500 from a RAM 1500 dealership in El Paso, TX. Hailing from one of the longest running pickup truck brands, RAM’s latest pickup has the potential to make trucking exciting again, and not just for carrying and loading up stuff!

Rise in Sales: Pickup Trucks

Pickup Truck

Pickup trucks are a classic favorite in American culture. Connoting masculinity, strength, and performance, they are great vehicles that take people to great places and adventures. It is no wonder that recent automotive news predicts the increase of Ford’s sales of pickup trucks this year and possibly hit the 1 million mark. The automotive giant is focusing more on SUVs and pickup trucks. Due to sales, this is a smart choice for the company. Sedan lovers might not exactly like the news, but it might be years before the sedan…

Is the 2018 Lincoln Continental Available from a Lincoln Car Dealership Near Me? Yes, And It’s a Stunner!

2018 lincoln continental

Is the 2018 Lincoln Continental available from a Lincoln car dealership near me? Just one look at this attitude-loaded beauty is sure to prompt that question. The 2018 Lincoln Continental stands out as the cream of the crop among rivals, pedigreed or not. Offering taut performance, vintage opulence, unfailing safety, and brilliant features, the 2018 Lincoln Continental continues to be a stunning entry in the Lincoln line.

VR Test Driving: The Face of the Future?


Virtual reality is a fascinating technology that has slowly but surely gained popularity in the last two years. It’s not as ubiquitous as some may have believed it would be by now, but it’s still come a long way. And one interesting thing about VR, for those of us who are interested in cars, is that auto experiences often tend to work best in the format. Locomotion is a very tricky concept, at least on foot, in VR. But when you’re in a simulation that mimics looking out of a…

Meet the Old Car Collectors’ New Best Friend: 3D Printers

Old Car Collectors’ New Best Friend: 3D Printers

Whether it’s a Cadillac or a Packard, a classic Alfa Romeo or a Corvette, collecting and restoring old cars have become one of America’s favorite pastimes. If you think finding the perfect old car is tricky, try finding the parts that go with it. Any old car aficionado will go on for hours lamenting what a challenge that is. Luckily, you no longer need to go mad trying to source obsolete car parts. What you need are a 3D scanner and a 3D printer. You can even do it at…

Key Benefits of Having Hospital Parking Management System


Hospital parking management is vital in all healthcare facilities, not just for keeping patients and hospital staffs satisfied, but also for leaving a good impression on every guest. Hospital parking is a problem that many people are concerned about. This is why it is essential to implement parking solutions the soonest possible. Why You Need Hospital Parking Solutions Over the years, discussions about hospital parking have circulated many places in America. Issues, such as controversial costs of parking areas, have sparked discussions on why it is essential for healthcare providers…

Transportation of Tomorrow: Innovations That are Paving the Way Today


Transportation is one of the most overlooked aspects of economic progress. Even a quick look at current transportation systems reveals that little innovation has been applied in this sector. With that said, there are forward-thinking people who are laying the groundwork for tomorrow’s transportation systems today. Maglev Trains Mass transportation systems, like trains, play a key role in minimizing traffic and making commutes more efficient. Transporting thousands of people each day requires a lot of resources. In light of this, Maglev Train Technology is seen as an important innovation in…

Behind the Five-Star Hotel Parking Management Services in California

Outside of Hyatt Hotel

Traveling to and from cities can take a toll on guests, especially when it comes to airport-to-accommodation transfers. Even finding a decent parking space in your chosen hotel can be a challenge. But, fret not! Parking and transportation services providers, such as the Parking Company of America, make sure that all their lodging affiliates maintain a five-star standard when it comes to various hotel parking management services in California, specifically in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Greeting Visitors With A Smile Interaction and welcoming approach are two of the most…